Friday, May 6, 2011

Shop savvy, smart and sustainably

The latest newsletter from ETHICAL CONSUMER GROUP is now out and online. It's chock-full of interesting items on how you can be a more savvy and responsible shopper.

In these budget consciousness days, purchasing home-brands can seem like a good idea.

However, I urge you to check out the segment on Supermarket house-brands.

According to the ECG, “We’ve just added a comparison page for House-brands and Supermarkets. Generally we don't recommend house-brands as (1) it is extremely difficult to discover who manufactures the product - you don't know 'where your dollar is going', and (2) they channel money to the big supermarket chains. We encourage supporting local manufacturers and shopping beyond the supermarket where possible. >> see our FAQ page for more, and the excellent Four Corners 'Price that we pay' (2008)."