Good Stuff

Adelaide's Ace Garden Expo

The 2011 ABC Gardening Australia Expo in Adelaide was a great day out for experienced and novice gardeners alike.  

While the crowds milled around WOMADelaide and the racegoers were at the track, the greenthumbs made their way to the Adelaide showground’s where a myriad of gardening experts were on hand to solve problems with roses and citrus, advise on mulching and composting and what the pant when and where.

The expo as a delightful reflection on the city of churches; large enough to have a great variety and small enough to be friendly and relaxed.  Yes it is much smaller than the other capital city shows, but here I could actually get up close and hear and meet the experts and there was all of the enthusiasm but none of the frenzy.
Some highlights

Rare Fruit Society of South Australia
Inside the exhibition hall, I met with the lovely people at the Rare Fruit Society of South Australia. If you are in SA, get thee to their website, join up and attend a meeting. The society is a font of wonderful information and a great way to learn more about the delicious and rare fruits you can grow.

Josh in the Potting Shed
Josh Byrne was his usual ebullient self as he demonstrated how to make a worm farm.
Josh gives a great demonstration on how to make your own worm farm.

Whirrly Windmills
Danielle and Michael, the dynamic duo behind Whirrly Windmills were selling delightful garden deocr inlcuding windmills, windsocks, flags and gorgeous garden art.
Michael and Danielle from WhirrlyWindmills.

Graham's Chooks
Third-generation poultry farmer Graham Payne of Graham's Chooks was on hand to advise on what type of hen to keep and how to keep her happy and productive.

Graham with a lovely rooster.

Tips are cool

I love tips! Usually surrounded by flocks of silver (AKA seagulls) gulls and a pungent smell that tells you where you are, tips, sorry transfer stations, are a wonderful well of recycling possibilities.

Our local tip at Anglesea is a cracker and sells a cheap as chips fabulous mulch (ask Steve or Greg for mulch from the bottom of the pile as it’s hotter).

If passing through Geelong, a must-stop is the North Geelong Resource Recovery Centre & Transfer Station (Douro St Nth Geelong - 5272 2613) a fantastic resource with an incredible range of inexpensive garden gear. Stock changes daily and outside the areas it's chock-full of recycled building materials, garden equipment, pots, sinks, wood and metal.
Inside it’s an Aladdin’s cave with everything from furniture to homewares, books, old wares you name it. Last year I bought an almost new double stainless-steel sink for just $25 and had it installed by the local plumber downstairs so my husband could clean his fish and not leave scales on the kitchen ceiling.
Now of course it’s darn useful for washing hands, vegetables just picked and heaps of other garden uses.

Some tips allow recycling, others are more strict. If you see something you’d love to recycle and the transfer station does not have a shop, don’t just leap out and grab it – ask permission from the staff Remember it’s amazing what a smile, a friendly attitude and packet f Tim Tams can get you!