Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Garden memories

EVERY time you work in your garden you are adding to its development and creating another memory of its creation.

Yes, that sounded pretty serious and profound for a Tuesday morning post-coffee blog, but I've just read Peter Cundall's latest column in the Weekly Times and it's a cracker.

He talks about how your garden over the years becomes another part of your family and your history.

Thinking back on the gardens I've created over the years, I fondly remember the roses I planted in Melbourne, my five gorgeous frangipani trees in Avalon, Sydney and the massive fruit and vegetable garden I recently moved from in Jan Juc.

Now I have another blank slate to work on and its an exciting prospect.

The old saying garden as though you have forever is a good one - but I'm thrilled and cannot wait for the weekends so I can get down and dig, weed, clear and plant!

Good times are ahead with this garden.

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