Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Avoid the bee blues...

UPDATE - Read the Weekly Times of May 22 re a crisis in the Victorian commercial bee industry is threatening horticulture crops worth billions of dollars. The health and numbers of bees are at disastrous levels not seen since the record drought of 1982-83

MEANWHILE, Australian gardeners need to be careful what pesticides they are using.

Please be careful what you use on your fruit, vegetables and herbs. You may have heard a brand sold by Bunnings - Yates' Confidor Hose-On Lawn pesticide - carries the warning it ''will kill bees''.
A recent report in the UK Guardian said Europe will enforce the world's first continent-wide ban on widely used insecticides alleged to cause serious harm to bees, after a European commission vote on Monday.

The suspension is a landmark victory for millions of environmental campaigners, backed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), concerned about a dramatic decline in the bee population. The vote also represents a serious setback for the chemical producers who make billions each year from the products and also UK ministers, who voted against the ban. Both had argued the ban would harm food production.
Let's be extra careful with what we use on the garden.

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