Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hens escapades

THIS morning while attempting to drag out with a metal rake the eggs the chooks had laid under the hutch, a couple of cheeky chooks made a run for it.

Out the open chock run door they skipped, chortling with glee as they headed off to the spinach seedlings with all kinds of greedy visions flashing through their minds.

However, some timely intervention by the chap with a few pellets soon had them corralled back where they belonged.

While all this drama was going on, I was pulling out those beautiful eggs, but only six.

The gals normally produce four or five a day, so only six for three days worth means either they are holding out (going off the lay) or hiding the cackleberries.


So this weekend I'll be doing a thorough hutch and run tidy to look for hidden treasures while the hens free-range.

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