Monday, July 15, 2013

Beautiful brocolli

ALL the amazing rain has seen the broccoli go gangbusters.

It's been marvellous seeing how quickly the florets have been shooting up and I'm not the only one to notice - Hilda and the rest of the feather riot have been poking their necks through the wire to nibble on the broccoli leaves.

So last week I made a delicious spaghetti with broccoli, tomato, lemon and garlic accompaniment. At the end of of an icy cold day it was perfect to enjoy buy the fire.

 Just cook some spaghetti as normal and while this is simmering, place the trimmed broccoli heads in a pan with some olive oil, freshly chopped garlic and toss about.

In a separate saucepan heat up one can of tinned Italian tomatoes 9fresh is best but hey, it's July) and add some fresh basil. Tip the sauce and broccoli mix into a large casserole dish, then mix in the sauce and drained spaghetti.
Squeeze in some lemon juice to taste and stir.

Here's one broccoli head next to a big egg of Hilda's

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