Monday, August 26, 2013


I NEED to borrow a goat.

Last Sunday I chopped down metres of bamboo to clear out the side of the chook shed and studio.

Hard work but so worth it as I also have a zillion bamboo lengths to use as stakes for the tomatoes, peas and beans I'll be planting next month.

Now a goat would be useful as they eat anything, including bamboo which is notoriously difficult to remove bar nuclear fusion.

The feather riot get stuck into the bugs hiding in the bamboo leaves.

The chooks were very helpful in eating all the insects who rushed out of the bamboo leaves.

Now I face the onerous task of digging out the bamboo roots. Once this is down I'll lay down some crushed rock or topping and I'll have a good place to keep the rubbish bins.

If you know anyone with a goat for rent, let me know.

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