Monday, October 7, 2013

Dig it

DIGGING in a new vegetable bed or three is so satisfying.
On the weekend I finally planted out some vegetables including three varieties of tomato - Tommy Toe, Rouge de Marmalade and Burke's Backyard best - kale, climbing beans, basil and broad beans.
Preparing the beds took longer than I thought as previous owners have dumped bricks, stones, china, plaster and all manner of rubbish in the yard and sifting and removing the junk form the soil was a job and a half.
Luckily I managed to get this all finished just as the rain started.
Roll on summer!
Here I have put in paths using some of the old pavers I found stacked
under some grass clippings.
Rouge de Marmalade planted in front of the beans which will grow and hide the back fence.
To the right are some jacaranda trees and an old fuchsia whose days are numbered as I have to dig out the surrounding running-bamboo.
The hens commence digging up the lawn for my new tomato garden.

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