Sunday, October 27, 2013

TIP top

THERE comes a time in every gardener's life when they realise they have way too much green waster to manage.

A barrow load of bamboo roots and weeds inspected by the feather riot.

After moving from Jan Juc where the soil was mostly clay and where I needed seven compost bins simmering away in various stages of decomposing to keep my vegetable beds from going to hell in a hand basket, I'm now in Geelong with incredible soil.

So I thought, OK, three bins is more than enough.

Silly me.

After attacking my triffid-like garden abd removing weeds, ivy from smothering the sheds and giving various shrubs a much-needed haircut, my compost bins have been full for ages and the sturdy green bin full to the brim for three months.

So this morning I decided to head for the Geelong tip and get rid of several large tubs of ivy, bamboo roots, assorted weeds and bits of stick left behind when the tree guys took out the rotted gum tree.

As well I tossed in some corrugated iron off a large steel gate which was half-buried next to one of the surviving sheds and an old table for the recycle shop.

A mere $18.80 later, my garden and station wagon are empty and I feel that lovely sense of relief when you have removed rubbish from your life.

Now I just have to do a return trip to get rid of the all the concrete rubble I have dug out of the new vegetable beds.

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