Monday, December 16, 2013


ERADICATING bamboo can be a thankless task.
So thank goodness for the feather riot.
Before the combines attack of mattock and chook
After the hens and the mattock
Looking at the bare earth down the pathway behind my studio and chook run, it's a testament to those cheeky chooks.
The before photo which was taken from the other end of the path shows the triffid-like jungle the bamboo had grown into
These hens have been working hard.
As have I - swinging a mattock is a great core and upper-body workout but it took ages to cut down the bamboo and then dig out the roots.
The bamboo poles were then left to dry out and cure and as you can see from the photo above, are perfect for staking tomatoes and beans.
There's still the occasional bamboo shoot, but by the time the hens have a nobble and scratch it's all over red rover.

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