Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Down and dirty

DIRT baths when it's wet can be a challenge for chooks when it's wet and muddy.

Hilda and Gidget enjoying a relaxing dirt bath
There's an area under my back deck with gravel and limestone crush which the girls love to roll around in when it's pouring.
Not only do they get to keep the mites at bay, a dirt bath allows them to extend their wings, roll their feet into the air and enjoy a good stretch.
If your chook run is getting ab it muddy, toss down some shredded newspapers, some straw and then add a good pile of grit or fine gravel they can loll about on. Don't worry it will soon resemble a mess, chooks love a bit of chaos! 
This time of year you should also add some crushed fresh garlic to their water as a bit of a tonic.
Keep on adding as many fresh greens as you can to their food.
Plus a teaspoon of linseed to their pullets will give them a twinkle in their eye. As though they didn't already have one when looking at your broccoli seedlings. 

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  1. how do you manage to get such great pics of your chooks? Mine never stay still and I end up with blurry photos.