Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ROSES all the way

ROSES are blooming all over my garden and many of the neighbours at the moment.

On my early morning run today I was distracted by the many beautiful gardens chock-a-block with gorgeous blooms.

While many gardens are full of the perennial favourite Iceberg, I'm delighted that lots of other green-thumbs are keen to grow perfumed varieties in a rainbow of hues.

By the chook house I have planted a much-loved bush rose, Sonia Rykeil, which is going - pardon the pun - bananas and will soon offer much-needed shade to the hens over summer while perfuming that part of the garden.

Sonia Rykeil roses in full bloom.
I know it's important to plant natives which keep the local birds and bees happy, but a few roses planted about really warm my heart and soul.
They also brighten my kitchen - at the moment there's a lovely bouquet of yellow Graeme Thomas roses (bred by veteran rose expert) David Austin and they bring a breath of sunshine inside.
Near the compost bins and grapevines, another tea rose, Pierre De Ronsard is making its way up a pillar.
Now I am trying to decide which climbing roses to grow along the back fence - it's a wonderful time in the garden. 

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