Monday, March 25, 2013

Behind the wire

KEEPING the chooks off the new seediings and seeded garden beds can feel a bit like coming up againist the escape planning committee in a classic British WW2 film.
Keeping the chooks off new garden beds can be a challange...

No matter how carefully I wire off a bed with canary of chicken wire, Hilda, Gidget, et al will do their best to get around - and sometimes - over it.

This causes considerable annoyance such as last week when i planted out the been seedlings. Despite using one metre high wire, the wretched gals got in and tore them up, along with the spinach seedlings. Just doing what chooks do best.

Of course when you want a bed turned over at theend of the growing season, there's not better posse to call in these gals. I simply enclose the bed in the portable wire fencing sourced form the local tip and let them at it. Within a coule of days the soil is turned over, beautifully fertilised and it ready for me to add the compost and plant again.

But for now, it's a vigilant approach when i let the hens free-range.

Anyone who thinks chooks are birdbrained has never come up against their powers for deducing how to break into a garden bed.

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