Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dancing in the rain

IT'S raining and the hens are doing the chook victory dance.

Dashing about under the raindrops, wings spread out and acting like chorus girls in a Busby Berkley musical, in unison they are chasing crickets and other unwary insects as the rain washes away all the grime off the trees and vegetables.

Hilda, the leader of the pack also makes a dive for any compost bin where the lid has been blown off in last night's robust winds.
Hilda checking for worms and crickets...

After a couple of hot and dusty days, seeing the feather posse trundle about with their delightful gait, is a as much a tonic as the rain.

Hearing more water pour don the roof and into the tank makes me feel like a squirrel storing nuts for winter. It's very satisfying to think off all that life-replenishing element ready to come out and revive the garden when the next inevitable dry spell hits.

There's a stormy weather warning for today so I'll need to ensure the broad beans along the back fence are securely tied up and the chooks are behind the wire so they don't get blown away - this has happened before and it resulted in one very exultant and optimistic hen and a worried owner who had to climb few fences to retrieve her.

But for now the rain is light, the garden is green and my chooks are dancing.

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